Using custom furniture to sell a home

You have to stop thinking of the house as your “home” and start thinking of it as a model. As an interior designer, I have a lot of clients who try to define “their” style in their home. While designing your home, you need to take into account that there are a variety of different styles based on your home’s […]

I had to get stitches from fall

I loved climbing of all sorts, whether it be my own house or one of the trees, if I could climb it, I would. I had always been intimidated by the large oak tree in my yard, but around the time I turned 13, I decided enough was enough, and I would climb the tree. After leaving my wonderful air […]

Trying HVAC tutorials

There seemed to be a loose part, and when I poked at it, it felt off From a young age, I watched my father, a HVAC professional, work away on different parts of our heating and cooling system. It was pretty interesting watching him take off different parts of the cooling machine, and fiddle with the insides of it. He […]

Try living without HVAC

I think we are all getting a big dose of perspective right now. The pandemic has forced some change in order for us to get through it with the least amount of carnage possible. Some of us are rolling with it and some of us aren’t. I don’t think denial is ever productive so, I am keeping to the HVAC […]