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A TeamApproach to Precision Metal Stamping

TeamManufacturing has been serving the metal stamping needs of theautomotive, electronics, gaming and industrial markets for over 30years. Why choose Team for your metal stamping, coil fedand sheet metal fabrication? In a word, teamwork. We partner withyou in taking your ideas and engineering needs, combined with ourengineering know how, to produce the highest quality finished producton-time. In many cases this unique partnership approach will also provideyou with a better, more creative solution ­ lowering cost, reducingtime-to-deliver, and further improving quality.

FullService Sheet Metal Fabrication

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To be successful in today's market,businesses demand a lot - product design assistance, rapidturnaround on quotations, tooling and parts, uncompromising quality, anda cost-effective approach. Team meets this challenge byoffering you full service engineering, design and tool makingcapabilities. We're ISO 9001 certified, and obsessed withquality. We also provide assembly, robotic welding, plastic vinyl dipcoating line, shipping and other services as needed.

Partner with us on your next project! We're able todesign, prototype and fabricate everything from a simple blanking die tocomplex progressive (multi-stage) dies. Our metal stamping pressequipment ranging from 35 tons to 500 tons ensures we can meet all yourstamping needs.

You need a partner that helps you compete in today's global market. Whatsets us apart is personalized attention to your needs, and a uniquepartnering approach that delivers superior precision sheet metalfabrication and metal stamping, along with outstanding customer support.


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Phone: 310.639.0251 Fax: 310.639.5120

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"TeamManufacturing has been an integral part of our production operationand program implementation in every challenge we have attempted. Theircooperation is exceeded only by their resourcefulness. They are a qualitymanufacturer not only in the parts they deliver but also in the manner inwhich they conduct business."

Dick Lacox
Purchasing Manager, Anaheim Manufacturing Co.

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Team Manufacturing, a contract manufacturer of stamped metal parts and assemblies, has set a goal of satisfying our customers by shipping defect free parts on time at a competitive cost. This will be accomplished by meeting and continuously improving our quality management system.


The Scope of the Quality Management System is the manufacturing, inspection, and shipping of metal stamped product, assemblies to customer and regulatory requirements. The requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Clause 8.3 Design and development of products and services have been excluded because the organization does not perform any design of its product or services. All product requirements and specifications are rolex swiss replica received from the customer. Team Manufacturing produces Metal stamped products and assemblies for our customers which do not require service once they are shipped. Our engineering activities are limited to developing methods and means of production and fabrication.


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