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An educational blog on different ways to make money online and avoid the scams out there.People can post their comments, ideas and ways they are making money online or the scams they fell for.

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Is it Possible to Get Rich Quick With an Online Business?
By Timothy Watts

Having an online business is an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs. You have the ability to start a business on very little money, do whatever you want, and take it in whichever direction you choose to. A question many have, however, is whether or not it is possible to get rich quick with an internet business.

It is a reasonable question for internet marketing newbies to ask considering there are ads and web sites all over the internet saying you can get rich quick. While it is possible to make money online quick, it is not possible to get rich quick. So what is the difference?

It is possible to go and take a few surveys and make some money the same day you take the surveys. It is possible to join a pre-existing program and make a sell your first day. What is not possible is to make thousands of dollars in the first week of starting an online business or joining a program like many claim.

Unfortunately, this is one of the top reasons so many people fail and quit the internet. People end up getting their hopes up for quick success and big money. After a few weeks of little to no results, they give up and go back to their 9 to 5 jobs.

Having an online business brings a lot of potential for big earnings. You can have a great deal of success in time as long as you are patient. But do not expect to get rich over night. It just is not possible.

The reason for this is because there is a lot that goes into starting an internet business. You have to set up your web site, design it, write content, find a target market, promote your site to them, turn them from visitors to customers, and then follow up with them.

As you can expect, this takes a lot of work and even more time. This is not to discourage you to start a business. Because you can start to see positive results over a couple of months. But do not expect to be making thousands of dollars in your first week. There is far too much competition and far too much work for this to come true.

If you are the type of person that is looking for instant success, the internet is not the place for you. You can certainly make a little money here and there instantly. But consider your options because having an online business comes a number of benefits you can find with no other opportunity in the world.

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Affiliate Marketing - Super Affiliate Strategies You Need to Know
By Shane Connolly

A budding super affiliate, needs to become an excellent planner. Today's super affiliates have learned to control costs involved in promoting other peoples products. Thousands of merchants provide excellent affiliate resources for their affiliates, but this is not always enough. Through trial and error, super affiliates devise ingenious ways to squeeze as much profit from each sale they make. However, learning these techniques takes time and a lot of testing.

The aim of most super affiliates is to attract as much 'Targeted Traffic' as possible and turn this traffic into buying customers. 'Targeted Traffic' includes internet visitors who have an interest in the product or service you promote. They are more likely to buy your products than general internet visitors.

Methods for generating targeted traffic include:

  • Google AdWords and other Pay Per Click (PPC) services

  • Forum marketing Video sharing such as YouTube

  • Creating viral products

  • Blogs

  • Article marketing

  • Web 2.0 websites

  • Advertising in any other places where potential customers hang out!

Paid advertising such as Pay Per Click (PPC) is expensive. If you get it wrong it can be disastrous. Top affiliates find free and cheap methods to advertise and generate internet traffic. This results in a higher return on investment (ROI). Whether they spend a high amount on advertising, or nothing at all to get the sale, they will receive the same affiliate commission for each sale. To make higher profits they need to sell more, decrease the cost involved in each sale, or a combination of both.

The nature of the internet means super affiliates leave a digital trail of what they do. It's just a matter of identifying what they do, how they do it and testing the process yourself.

To your success,

Shane Connolly

If you are serious about becoming a successful affiliate marketer you need to approach it like any other profession. To reach the top in any profession, you have to have the right tools, but more importantly, you need the proper training and knowledge. For more information on affiliate marketing visit

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Monday, August 04, 2008

How a Kid Made Money Online Video

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Work at Home Internet Business Opportunities - What's Available?
By Enrique Villalobos

Internet business is booming. Now, more than ever, you can be sure to find work at home internet business opportunities. No matter where you are or what you do, you can be sure to find an opportunity that will allow you to make a decent living. It all depends on how well informed you are.

To save you a little bit of work, this article will outline some of the most common work at home internet business opportunities available. This list includes:

Affiliate programs. No list of work at home internet business opportunities is complete without mentioning affiliate programs. Hundreds of thousands of people now make a full-time living in this burgeoning industry. In an affiliate program, you usually earn commissions by selling someone else's product or advertising his or her site. It's a simple enough concept. You sign up with a partner company, help them to sell their products or raise awareness of their company, and you get paid for your services. If you plan to make some money here, it is probably best to build your own website. If you do not have the technical knowledge to do so, you can buy some site generators or simply ask someone else to do it.

Online Data Entry. Another straightforward position. Often, data entry simply requires that you key in some information into forms that your employer will provide. While some training is needed to get started (and often a joining fee), it is nevertheless a simple job. As long as you can find a good employer, this is one of the easier ways to make money over the internet.

Writing. As you can imagine, writing is an important part of the growth of the internet. If you are reasonably literate and learn quickly, you can probably start writing for pay on the internet. There are an unlimited number of topics that you can write on, as well as a number of writing formats that are available. For example, you can choose to write content articles, an e-book, or simply run a blog. For excellent writers, work at home internet business opportunities are never lacking online.

Paid E-mails/Surveys. This is another straightforward work at home internet business opportunity. In paid e-mails, you are asked to read and open e-mails, for a small fee. With paid surveys, you are asked for your opinion on a variety of subjects; and again you will be paid a small fee for doing so. As in online data entry, most paid e-mails and surveys will come through an intermediary, so you will most likely be charged a joining fee.

While this small list of work at home internet business opportunities is not comprehensive, it does give you an idea of where to start. Try a few of these out and see which works best for you.

Enrique Villalobos is the owner of, which provides free articles and resources about working from home. Visit it now and download the free ebook "Dotcomology:The Science of Making Money Online".

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Easy Tactic of Profits Exploding Affiliate Marketing by Brian Lam

Pay-per-click or PPC is one of the four kinds of Search Engines. If you do not know of PPC then let me give you a quick overview of it. It is almost similar to an auction where you bid the keywords that people search on the search engines.

Higher rankings come from higher bids on the particular keyword. The highest bidder will have their site ranked as number one in the PPC Search Engine followed by the second and third highest as follows.

Right now, how is this linked to being the easy tactic of a profits exploding affiliate marketing?

Well by using PPC, you can really explode your affiliate marketing business.

Most affiliate program only pay you when a sale is made or a lead delivered after a visitor has clickthrough your site. Your earnings can be higher or lower depending on your web site content and the traffic that you are generating to it.

When you incorporate PPC into your affiliate marketing program, you will be making more money easier than in any other kind of affiliate program. You will be paid according to how many times of clickthroughs your visitor made on the advertiser's site. Unlike some programs, you are not paid per sale or action.

PPC is very useful especially since it can be used to monetize and profit from those visitors who are not interested in your products or services and are leaving your site for good.

You will not only get commission from those searching using your PPC Search Engine to find products and services but also build your site's brand as a valuable resource.

Chances are that satisfied visitors who have found what they are looking for will tend to come back and review what you are offering more closely.

This is a great way to add another stream of income. For instance, when your visitor does a search in the PPC Search Engine and clicks on the advertiser's bided listings; the advertiser's account will be deducted from that click. Therefore, you will be compensated 30% to 80% of the advertisers’ bid amount.

This allows you to generate easy profits and also promote your web site. Most of these programs commonly allow a kind of exchange system where you can use your commissions on your own advertising with them instantly thus receiving more targeted visitors. This will increase your conversion rates.

What if you combine PPC into your affiliate program?

PPC usually have ready-to-use affiliate tools such as search boxes, banners, text links and some 404-error pages. All these are common tools that can be easily integrated into your website. All you need to do is to copy and paste only a few lines of code into your website.

What are your main benefits?

You will make more money easily on the side. Plus possible multiple streams of lifetime commissions from referrals made to the engine.

Just imagine. Where can you get all these benefits while already generating some income for your site? They are rather a way to generate more income from your existing income.

Start now and use PPC search engines into your affiliate program than miss out on a great opportunity to make more money.

Brian Lam is an experienced Internet marketing specialist. Get his FREE 13 part internet marketing training course which exploded his opt-in list by 1133% at internet marketing solution center plus 3 FREE bonuses. Check out his blog: The Internet Marketer's Life Exposed too. FREE Internet marketing course now at:

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