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Monday, July 29, 2019

Damage tests on the Power Supply Unit

Damage tests on the Power Supply Unit

This article is a continuation of Computer Repair Procedures The Dead where one part is responsible for the power supply unit. Testing or test the damage power supply is an important step because it often happens that the power supply be damaged without the previous test. If dintinjau physically, the most frequently damaged in this unit is a resistor, the power transistor and the elco. Power supply is also known as the Power Supply and PSU.
The main difficulty in understanding that the power supply is broken there is no message nothing on the monitor of the damage. Restart the computer will never solve the problem if the unit is defective. Only one sign that the computer turns off completely. But remember that the computer is totally dead the cause not the only one on the power supply, there are many other causes.


In my experience, the first cause damage to the power supply is due to a computer that is old age. To test the power supply damage you can do it yourself. There are 3 ways to test the PSU which I use;

manually using a multimeter
using a power supply tester to test the PSU automatically.
Manual test by connecting the ends of the cable output.

These three methods are equally effective for testing the power supply so which one you choose is really up to you. But there are exceptions that the numbers 1 and 2 using the tools that must be purchased while the number 3 did not help him buy a tool, just a small wire 10-15 cm long. Method number 3 is what we will cover this time.

The steps:

Unplug the power cord from the PSU socket.
Disconnect the cable from the Mainboard PSU output.
Replace electric cord (AC) PSU so the PSU there is electricity.
Prepare a 10-15 cm long connecting cable to both ends to peel.
Hold the main out of the PSU cable, then connect the cable end with the COLOR GREEN BLACK (an important black) from one cable. Remember! Is so logical starting point is to connect the ends of the cable with another cable GREEN. May in fact also between green and red, green and yellow, the important one of which is GREEN. See how in the image below. psu cable test-
If in step 5 above the PSU fan to move / roads then the PSU is still good. If it is not the way the PSU is broken. That's it, very simple way.

VERY IMPORTANT! : Be careful when testing the power supply, because here you test it manually. The above methods involve high voltage power supply, if you're not very careful you could electrocute yourself and / or damage to your PSU. I'm not saying this to scare you, but the principle of rigor and caution is essential in the work.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Hi friend,, got a Toshiba L745 or other series experience that is hard to get into the BIOS setup because it was "Fast Boot"? Finally I found way too many times to try it once.
If we change the BIOS settings of the normal boot into fast boot, then we can no longer enter BIOS or see the display "press F2 to BIOS Setup". in short, this feature will be disabled.
Indeed, the boot process of Windows 7 you will be much faster, but the problem arises when we want to reinstall Windows or want to use the flash as the boot media. This is because the "boot from CD" or "boot from USB" unmanageable.

Well now, how do I bring the laptop BIOS Toshiba back?
Well, to restore or reset the BIOS Toshiba laptop, here's how:

1. Turn off the laptop,
2. Then press and hold "F2 button" (do not released) and press the "power button"
3. It will appear again early look at your Toshiba laptop.
4. Setting back in the BIOS, go to the "Advanced" tab. See the "Boot Speed", change to "Normal".
5. Save

Done :) ..
Note: This method works for Toshiba L 745, 645 (L Series and C Series)How to enter bios toshiba laptop having fast boot in the BIOS setup.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How to fix computer RAM

Have you ever had a computer die suddenly?
Have you ever had a computer that suddenly makes noises "beb" long or short when you first press the power button?
At the time windows is booting, suddenly you have a blank computer screen or BSOD?
or your computer unexpectedly restarts itself frequently?

In general, it's all the traits of RAM memory problems. Many ways can be done to fix the faulty RAM memory components have been damaged or are saying (not physically damaged / broken).

Here I provide some way to do lightweight user / computer users without having to possess a special skill.
How to fix computer RAM:
The first way: 
Tools and materials :
-A sheet of Fabric /cloth

If the tools and materials are all available, we just did:
  1. Uninstall / release memory ram from slot holder 
  2. Rub all pin memory yellow legs with a pencil eraser and then wipe with a cloth. The goal is that the pins are free from dust, and it will also provoke the ions in a simulated memory and pin so that the conductor will be more active. 
  3. If it is, point avometer the Ohm scale (measuring resistance estates). Positions free, could use 1k, 10k, or 100k 
  4. Take the needle avometer negative (-), then put on a pin memory. Allowed any pin (one), and then point / needle friction positive (+) on the sets foot Chipset / IC of ram. Friction to all the legs of the IC in memory. 
  5. After all finished, you just plug it back into the slot holder. (installation memory to the slot  must be appropriate and fitted). 
statement:In this tip, we take advantage of the flow of electric current from the battery avometer delivered, to the circuit chipset / IC memory. The principle works the same as we did reset the Cmos Mainboard crashes and will not turn on because the electric current travel disruption.

The second way is more extreme, and the risk of ram memory will be "totally dead":
Tools and materials :
- Prepare Tiner B, (to taste)
- Prepare Blower phone, if not, you can use a hair dryer. But if you use a hair dryer, the result will not be maximal

1. Uninstall / remove the memory of ram from the holder
2. Flush of ram components with Tiner-B
3. then clean it with a brush to thoroughly clean.
3. Dry the of ram using a blower or hair dryer until completely dry of thinners.
4. Once dry, reinstall position as before.
NB: These tips I have proved. The success rate is 75%, meaning that 7 out of 10 RAM can be reused, and the rest can not be used anymore.: D Before you practice the second way, you should understand the risks first.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fix the Motherboard.

The main board (motherboard) is the circuit board where a variety of interconnected electronic components such as microprocessors and memory (RAM, ROM, BIOS) chip along with other controllers and commonly abbreviated to the word "mobo".

The characteristics and how to cope with a damaged motherboard:

The total dead
Check the power supply: In the state of the power cord from the power supply off, disconnect the cable Atx1 socket mounted on the Mainboard. Once detached, attach the power cable, plug / cable shortkan green, black cables, check that the power supply fan spinning? If the spin is a good power supply. Back off the extension cord and plug it back before cable Atx1 to the motherboard.

  • Check the Clear CMOS Jumper, whether in position or Free Clear, usually when a new motherboard, CMOS jumper position on Clear position.
  • Check the IC Chipset plugged in and on the Switch On, if excess heat or not, over-heat means the chipset is already damaged. For CMOS IC part to date not sold freely.
    Also check whether the switch on its functioning.
  • Motherboard dismantle it carefully, you try to wear clean thinners, if you can not use thinners bottle is in the can. After you dry clean.Tautan
  • Replace the regulator IC which is located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Look at posting for Reflow soldering here
  • Replace the capacity Elko 1000 s / d 3300 uf / 10 Volt, located around the ATX power socket on the motherboard. Carefully dismantled components to make sure the power cord is not connected to electricity.

Turns on But Not Shown

  • Try to look and listen if there is sound or beep sound. If there is, there is usually damage the processor, memory and VGA.
  • Check Processor, you try to hold refrigeration if excess heat or cold? If it means overheating the processor fan is not working properly then you will change, but if the cold means the processor does not work broken alias.
  • Check your memory, if memory is usually broken voice on the speaker beep 3 times. Is off, remove the pin clean memory using a pencil eraser to clean, then reinstall. If it means there's still broken one of his damaged IC.
  • Check your VGA card, unplug the VGA Card, in the dead / off you try to press, there is less chance enter or try to wash the feet / her pin. If the VGA card using the fan, clean the fan.
  • If it still does not appear, do not you try to check the monitor is not a flame, to make sure that broken monitor or CPU, you try to press keys on the keyboard Numlock, whether the NumLock light a flame or not. If the flame is damage to the CPU.
  • Is the standard when repairing my computer, I always clean out the dust, whether it be the motherboard, memory, cdrom, floppy disk, etc., because it is so what else could affect the computer in a dirty / old are not cleaned. But you have to be careful in the process and do not rush.

Hang And Often Off / Restart (Reset) Himself

  • Check the Power Supply, try another power supply if it still restarts itself or hangs. If after the power supply was replaced by normal / good, power supply means there is a problem. Replace it if it can be fixed myself was not sure whether I can still function properly, because the power supply is a vital component. Especially for the current price sanggat cheap power supply, I suggest changing it.
  • Check if there is virus, anti-virus program should always be installed and enable auto protect. I used to use Norton Anti virus. You have to frequently update your antivirus because if there is a new variant virus, anti virus you will eliminate the virus mendetect.
  • At the time hang and blue screen messages such as "vxd error at address ...", there is usually a problem in memory. Clean the memory is like a step above.
  • Try to reinstall Windows.
  • If it still hangs / restarts itself trying to check on the motherboard, you notice the physical changes of components primarily Elko / capacitor, there is a black round writing in capacity between 1000 uf/10Volt s / d 3300 uf/10 volt, usually seen, if the damaged looks bloated / swollen and leak or rust.
  • CMOS Checksum Failure (Battery Low)
  • Symptoms of damage & Solutions:
  • CMOS failure message appears (The damage to the CMOS battery, replace battery)
  • Setting the date, time and other configurations in the BIOS to change (After replacing the battery, did reset the BIOS settings).

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Error 0xc000007B Appear, Failure Installation

Error 0xc000007B Appear, Failure Installation

0xc000007B Error message is an error message from Windows that comes from the system files or settings that are not working properly which will eventually lead to Windows is not able to load a file or run the application properly. This error usually appears when you try to use a particular program such as Visual Studio program. This tutorial will help you fix Error 0xc000007B on your PC.

What Causes Error 0xc000007b ???

Error 0xc000007B mainly caused by a problem in which Windows can not process files or settings needed to run the program. Another cause of this error is a problem in the registry. This problem can also be caused by a faulty program or a viral infection that has not been detected by your antivirus program. You need to identify the source of the problem and fix it effectively, which can be done using the steps below:

Error 0xc000007b

How to Solve Error 0xc000007B

Step 1 - Re-Install Program The connexion

The first thing you need to do to solve this problem is to reinstall the program that causes the error message 0xc000007b appear on your screen. Uninstall program before running the installation file again. To remove a program, you must follow these steps:

Click [Start]> [Run] and type "appwiz.cpl" and press [ENTER].

Locate and select the application from the list and click "Remove" (Windows XP) or "Uninstall" (Vista and Win7). When the uninstall is complete and you are done, restart your PC.

To Remove the program will also prevent the error message is displayed. If you want to use the program again, insert the CD / DVD installer into your optical drive, run the installer file and follow the installation wizard.

Step 2 - Scan your PC with Anti Viruses

The problem can be caused by malicious software (malware) to infect your system. There is a virus that is very difficult to remove manually, and you need to use the program "anti-malware" such as XoftSpy that can scan and effectively remove infections from your system.

Step 3 - Update Windows

This problem can also be caused by an outdated version of Windows. You need the latest update from the Microsoft site and they may have provided to fix the problem, if indeed caused by the Windows operating system. To update your Windows, follow these steps:

Click Start> All Programs> Windows Update and follow the update wizard to begin the update process. Restart your computer when prompted.

Step 4 - Clean Windows Registry

Registry is a major source and the most frequent cause of Error 0xc000007b in computers and various other serious errors that can make your PC run very slow and cause serious damage to the computer. Windows to access the registry, which holds important information about the different settings, to load and run different files and programs. Some progra been installed and removed again turns to leave the remains of garbage end up aggravating even cause the system to fail. Please clean it with one of the freeware registry cleaners on the internet. Use the keyword "free registry cleaner" on google search engine box.

Enable .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 8 Developer Preview to Run Applications

Enable .NET Framework 3.5.1 on Windows 8 Developer Preview to Run Applications

Windows 8 Developer Preview comes included with .NETFramework 4, so you don’tneed to install any .NET Framework version on Win8, but to run installedWindows applications and portable ones Windows needs to enable and run .NET framework 3.5.1 which shown by “Turning Windows Features on or off window “with options to accept and cancel the changes.

accept .net framework 3.5.1 run times

You will encounter this window every time when you try to run anyapp, annoying. If you Accept the changes, you’ll be connected to Windowsupdate and required files will be downloaded.But this processcontinues and never successfully completes as we observed. If you preferto cancel option, no changes will be mode and the app simply won’t run.

Here is a permanent fix to this.

1. Open Control Panel>Programs>Programs and Features >click Turn Windows features on or Off

2. Select .NET Framework 3.5.1 feature and click Ok, Windows downloads required files connecting to Windows Update

enable .net framework 3.5.1

3.After downloading is compete,you’ll be shown “Windows Successfully completed the request changes” message.

turn widnows features on or off

That’s it from now on you can run any windows related installed apps even the portable ones without any problem.

Update: You can direct download from other server for Net.Framwork 3.5.1 on here :

1. Download from Server 1

2. Download from Server 2

Here is how to enable .Net 3.5.1 on offline systems. All you need is windows 8 DP installation media, First of all create “net35″folder in C drive. Now open command prompt using Win +R,type and execute the following command line

xcopy H:\sources\sxs\*.* c:\net35 /s

where H is DVD drive, it takes sometime for all files to copied you need to be patient. After all files are copied open command prompt with admin privileges and type and execute following command line

Dism.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:NetFX3 /All /Source:c:\net35 /LimitAccess

Computer Repair Procedure

Computer Repair Procedure

This article is a continuation of Being Preparation Computer Maintenance. In many cases computer damage when a computer does not want to flame someone who intends to improve its own computer makes the damage more severe than the damage that already exists. Sertiap repair any computer device and that there is always a procedure that is often a problem. Prospective technicians look for damage to the memory, for example, in terms of damage to the power supply. This is called fault diagnosis and repair computer errors the procedure. Then if the computer off at all, how repair procedure?

CASE: The computer is completely dead, all indicator lights are lit none. Where is the damage? The first logic is that the computer should have only flame if there is electricity supply.

Procedure 1. Is the electricity in your home do not flame lights off alias? When turning on the computer during the day and the computer will not turn on, do not tamper with the first direct power supply cable. Make sure first that the electricity in your home is not a problem.

Procedure 2. If the above procedure is certainly not a problem then it means the computer will not cause a flame is not because there is no electricity. The next step, which is responsible for electrical wiring and power supply power supply itself. Check the power cord and power supply if need be tested with a multimeter to ensure that the cable is not broken.

Procedure 3. Power supply test. If the power supply cord has been well ascertained, then the next perksa harusdi the power supply itself. Make sure that the power supply is not a problem for example if the cord is attached to the right on the mainboard, not to loose etc.. NOTE: If the power supply fan does not work in regular testing, does not mean that the power supply must be broken. The way to test a complete power supply would I published in a separate article.

Procedure 4. Check the power button on the computer. If it is almost certain power supply is still good, then the next step is to check all the electrical charge of the CPU menylut among others; * Main Power Button (old model). * Power switch ignition power supply (usually the front of the computer). * Power turn on the power strip, surge protector or UPS (if you have one).

Procedure 5. Check the mainboard. If steps 1-4 above do not also solve the problem, then we enter the Mainboard for review. Ensure that all other hardware cable is properly attached to the mainboard, especially from the power supply output cable. If you suspect any, should be lifted first and then installed again convincingly.
Procedure 6. Check the Processor. If you are very sure that the mainboard had no problems and the computer still on strike, the very first next step is to check Processor. In all cases I have found (power supply and the mainboard is still good) the only device that makes the computer does not react at all when the power button is pressed Processor. Other hardware such as memory and often damaged vga does not cause the computer does not react at all. If memory or vga damaged, still no reaction on the computer but not perfect.

Procedure 7. Maiboard damaged. If at point 6 above you are very sure that the processor is still good (of course through test trials) and the computer is also no response then I also gained strongly believe that the mainboard. If this happens then you already know the way out.

Procedure 8. Check the monitor. After passing through the seven stages of the above, had no response and the indicator lights are blazing CPU, power supply fan has gone the way and no view at all it means there are issues surrounding the monitor. Make sure the monitor is connected properly. Make sure the VGA cable to the monitor is still good and installed properly.

Procedure 9. Other damage. After 8 steps above and your computer and operating system are flame normal way then your problem is completed.

NOTE AGAIN: If within the first 8 steps above but computer is not normal flame for example, only a blue screen appears with the words that you do not understand, it means there is other damage, but it is beyond the scope of this article. Our discussion here is on the computer off at all and did not respond to command the power button. Other damage I will discuss on another occasion. problem

Friday, February 24, 2012

Failed to Install Windows 7, A Required CD / DVD Drive Device Driver Is Missing

Failed to Install Windows 7, A Required CD / DVD Drive Device Driver Is Missing

Failed to Install Windows 7, A Required CD / DVD Drive Device Driver Is Missing is characterized by the emergence of an alien language the message was hahaha. Actually, this problem exists also on the previous windows, both XP and Vista. Some visitors had issues trying to install Windows 7 Fails requesting articles about this issue and here's my answer.

A Required CD / DVD Drive Device Driver Is Missing, that's the message when a failure occurs earlier. This problem usually occurs right after pressing the "Install Now". The same thing often happens when a downgrade from windows 7 to windows xp.

This improvement measures Install Windows 7 Fails above.

The first path;

The first step is the need to enter the BIOS first. This is done by pressing a certain key repeatedly as soon as you start your computer is turned on (or rather after the restart). For many computers, the key is F8, but it may also F1, F2, F10, and the Delete (del) or the Escape key (ESC). Customize with your computer's motherboard manual or try different keys until you find the right one.
Search screen or the option to change the boot sequence. Follow the instructions to change the boot sequence. This is sometimes done using the + (plus) or - (minus).
Change the BIOS boot sequence and set the order of the drive (DVD) optics as the first boot device in BIOS. After that go back to the installation.

The second path;

Other options are Update Failed ITE ATA driver on top and try to boot back into Windows 7. Run Launch Windows Update and install updates ITE ATA driver before trying to upgrade the operating system. Upgrade advisor may not be able to find this driver.

The third path;
Final option is to change from SATA to AHCI driver. Follow these instructions when booting into the BIOS of your computer, then check your HDD or your storage settings. Turn off SATA, switch to AHCI, and reboot normally and try again the installation process of Windows 7.

Thus this brief guide.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool

Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool

Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool is an application that actually does exactly the same as the name suggests. This tool to delete files stored on a specific device forever, which means there is no recovery software can restore your data at all.

What is the usefulness of this tool? Delete data forever. You will not find it difficult when trying to install the Low-Level Format Tool is Hard Disk. The same applies to the interface, which is pretty basic and simple, that the developers have concentrated more on the overall speed of the application rather than on the way to work.

And what is meant by low level? It seems that it is naming it. Manufacturers do not provide a full explanation, and you can get more speed if you agree to pay only a very small fee for a full license, but you can always continue to use the free version is limited to speeds of 50 MB / s.

Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool can work with a variety of devices, including flash cards, card reader, and with USB and Firewire drive. Free version limited to 50 MB / s, it may take until the job is done, so it may take up to 24 hours if you intend to remove or correct data errors on devices larger than 1 TB.

The point could not be simpler: if you're looking for a utility to erase your data safe, or you are looking for an application to correct errors found on your hard disk, Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool is the right choice. And, more importantly, free.

Here are some key features of the Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool:

Supported interfaces: S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, USB, FIREWIRE.
Big drives (LBA-48) are supported.
Supported Manufacturers: Maxtor, Hitachi, Seagate, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu, IBM, Quantum, Western Digital, and almost any other not listed here.
The program also supports low-level formatting of FLASH cards (SD, MMC, MemoryStick and CompactFlash) using a card-reader.

Download here :

Low-Level Format Hard Disk Tool