BFT produces the Vegistroke/VegiRam V4 - the most advanced Vegetable Oil Conversion system for your diesel truck available on the market today.?Here you will find more information converting your Ford Powerstroke or Dodge Cummins diesel engine to run on Vegetable Oil.

The Vegistroke/VegiRam V4 is?specifically?designed for the Ford PowerStroke 7.3L and 6.0L, and Dodge Cummins 5.9L engines.

Take the guesswork out of your Vegetable Oil conversion system. ?Our WVO/Waste Vegetable Oil burning solutions are completely automated... monitoring your diesel truck's temperature and fuel pressure automatically, and purging the vegetable oil out of your system at the end of the run-cycle. ?All without you ever having to touch anything.

You like to play hard with your diesel truck. ?We know. ?Your V4 system can afford you the flexibility to do MORE of the things you like to do. ?Our Vegetable Oil conversion systems aren't just a hobby... they're a SOLUTION.

Worried about using Vegetable Oil in your diesel year round? ?We're not. ?Our unique solution integrates the WVO fuel system WITH the heat exchanger,?simplifying?the?solution, and guaranteeing that heat is not an issue.

Burning Vegetable Oil in your rig isn't just about saving money: ?it's a GATEWAY HOBBY. It affords the ability to enjoy OTHER HOBBIES.

Spending more time with your family?? Traveling longer? ?Journeying farther? ?The V4 system affords you the FREEDOM to do MORE of what you love.

Want to meet other folks who are already enjoying the benefits of burning Vegetable Oil in their Ford Powerstroke or Dodge Cummins? Join our discussion forums by clicking here.

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